Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

* What products and services does Eco-Catalyst offer?

Eco-Catalyst offers Smart EOL™ Analytics and Smart EOL Pricing / Order Fulfillment software-as-a-service products for the recycling industry that enhance their profitability. Consulting services that assist customers adopt best-of-breed business processes and data management platforms for pricing and order fulfillment complement these products.

* Who can benefit from using Eco-Catalyst software?

MRF Operations Manager, MRF Sales Manager, Recycler Operations Manager, Recycler Sales Manager, Director of Sustainability, Environmental Manager

* How do Smart EOL and Profitability Consulting Services work together, and when should I use Smart EOL vs Consulting Services?

Smart EOL software applications are used as decision support systems for product pricing and order fulfillment decisions. Eco-Catalyst Profitability Consulting Services provide customer specific services for establishing a data management platform to assist in adopting the Smart EOL products. In addition, the services provide business process solutions for enhancing the performance of pricing contracts with suppliers and making optimal enhancements to internal recycling processes.  The software and services complement each other and can be purchased separately.

* What is included with a Smart EOL subscription?

Smart EOL subscription includes access to the web-based software application, online user guide and customer support.

* What’s included with Eco-Catalyst Profitability Consulting Services?

Please see our website for detail on the Profitability Consulting Services.

* What type of real-time information can the software provide?

Smart EOL provides access to real-time data, including the following data-types:
•    Inbound Materials purchase transactions (price, supplier, costs, profitability)
•    Outbound Materials order fulfillment transactions (price, customer, costs, profitability)
•    On-hand and Projected Materials Inventory
•    On-hand and Projected Container Inventory
•    Factory Loading, current and projected
•    Inbound Materials Shipment Summary
•    Outbound Materials Shipment Summary.

* What are the benefits of using SaaS for sustainability management?

Saas implementations offer many benefits to the customer including avoiding any on-premise implementation and providing automatic software upgrades.

* What is the subscription price for Smart EOL?

Smart EOL is available as a Six-Month subscription. The cost is $1800 and covers up to five users. For additional users, subscribers should send email.

* How much do Eco-Catalyst Profitability Consulting Services cost?  

Pricing for our consulting services may vary depending on your specific scenario or how many modules you choose to take advantage of.  For more information, call 1 (408) 394 5730.

* Can I try Smart EOL before purchasing?

Yes! There is a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial available that provides the full application for use with data that you create during the trial.

* How do I use my own history data in the Free Trial?

You can upload certain historical data through the upload capabilities provided in Smart EOL. This includes Material Categories, Materials, Inbound Shipment Summary and Outbound Shipment Summary.

* What happens at the end of the Free Trial period?

You can either continue to add to the data you entered during the trial period, or delete any or all parts of the data before continuing after trial period.

* If I am purchasing a subscription instead of the Free Trial, how do I use my history data?

As with the Free Trial, you can upload certain historical data through the upload capabilities provided in Smart EOL. This includes Material Categories, Materials, Inbound Shipment Summary and Outbound Shipment Summary.

* What happens if I don’t want to continue using Smart EOL?

You can delete your company data yourself and request that we close your account.

* May I pay for my Smart EOL subscription with a company purchase order instead of a credit card?

Yes, we can accommodate a company purchase order. When you are ready to subscribe, please call 1 (408) 394 5730 or by sending email with your contact information in it so can facilitate your payment in this way.

* What kind of technical support do you offer?

Support via email is included in the subscription price. Support requests are to be sent to moc.t1519458205sylat1519458205ac-oc1519458205e@tro1519458205ppus1519458205. All support requests will be responded to within one business day.

* If I am a subscriber, how do I renew my subscription every six months?   

At this time, subscriptions are set to renew automatically at the end of each six-month period using your credit card information. You will receive several emails in advance of the end of the subscription period reminding you that this will happen and instructions as to how to terminate your subscription should you choose.

* How do I contact Eco-Catalyst for more information?

There is a contact page here on the website or call 1 (408) 394 5730.

* Where is Eco-Catalyst based?

Sunnyvale, California

* If I have a comment about Eco-Catalyst, Smart EOL or your Profitability Consulting Services, who do I reach out to?

Eco-Catalyst welcomes your feedback. Please submit your comments by sending email, or if urgent in nature, please call us at 1 (408) 394 5730.