MRF/C&D Recyclers


Smart EOL Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and C&D Recycler Solutions

MRFs and C&D Recyclers face challenges to maintain revenues and profitability in fluctuating markets. They include:

  • Lack of visibility into quality of incoming streams, sorted outputs and costs of operations
  • Quickly identifying materials that do not meet targeted profitability margins
  • Determining purchase price for materials with variable costs
  • Quickly reacting to fluctuating market prices and determining the operational actions needed to maintain profitability
  • Delay in quality data to support economic decisions
  • Responding to tightening, varied environmental regulations
  • Finding the lowest cost associated with fulfilling customer demand
  • Estimating risk and ROI for capital investments
  • Having enterprise-wide performance metrics across divisions, clients, material types, etc.

Eco-Catalyst Smart EOL provides analytics and actionable dashboard reports on all of the above topics for performance management by all types of medium-to-large MRFs and C&D Recyclers.

The results? Financially and environmentally sound programs that improve profitability while gaining maximum value.

In 2011, the US generated nearly 3.4 million TONS of eWaste. But only about 25% of that was collected for recycling.

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