Performance Management for Profitability and Sustainability

Sound Decision-Making for Profitability and Sustainability

Performance Management for End of Life Product Profitability and Sustainability

MRFs and Recyclers operate in highly competitive environments where islands of data, and lack of visibility create roadblocks to profitability. Yet your opportunities are growing exponentially. How do you optimize your operations to deliver the greatest value for your customers, your business and the environment?

Eco-Catalyst provides industry-specific performance solutions to extract maximum value from end-of-life (EOL) products. Now, Eco-Catalyst Performance Management for End of Life Product Profitability and Sustainability, a suite of expert consulting packages, that provide:

  • Financial and Environmental Costs and Benefits Assessments,
  • Data Integration and Management Plans,
  • System Implementation, and,
  • Training

Data Management: Dynamically take advantage of opportunities to reduce cost, increase revenue and profit for your business by reducing time and resources required to manage your data

We will bring together the many islands of data critical to your operations – disconnected and distributed scale data, operational summaries (inbound/outbound material mix percentage, volumes, revenues), pricing data, budget plans and actuals — into a single web-based data management system.

Full Cost Management: Improve profitability by prioritizing resource allocation based on true costs

We will solve the lack of cost visibility that clouds your ability to determine if operations are profitable through the creation of a Cost Build-up Model to accurately compute and allocate your costs based on order bundling and disaggregation requirements, and plant level costs structures.

Process Improvement: Improve quality, cost reduction, profitability for your operation

We will Identify and mitigate process and operational inefficiencies that result in loss of
quality and profitability in your collection, sorting and processing systems. We will analyze Financial and Environmental Impact of Process Redesign and Expansion, in-depth Capital Expenditures Planning, Financial and Environmental Projections and Performance Eval- uation. We will base our analyses on key technical, environmental, marketing and business parameters, in conjunction with project planning assumptions.

Procurement & Pricing Optimization: Generate revenue and profit enhancement strategies, while minimizing risk

Design and optimize your procurement contract agreements confidently, with risk analysis and strategies that will leverage volume-based cost reductions and protect your business from negative market pricing risks.


About the Lead Consultants

Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO of Eco-Catalyst, Inc., is a leader and innovator in product end-of- life management, supply-chain efficiency, and energy-and-emission optimization. For 25 years he has held leadership positions at successful technology companies, was Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University, and served on IBM’s Research Staff.

Pamela J. Gordon is Senior Consultant at Antea Group, author of Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment, founder of Technology Forecasters Inc., and co-developer of EcoProductU: Learn to Create Profitable, Eco-efficient Products. She has consulted to clients on efficient and responsible product life cycles for 18 years.

Now we can quickly identify the best opportunities. My team can make the same decisions I would make without having made the same mistakes. Overall profit can increase without throughput increasing.


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Who Can Benefit from These Services?

Operational Managers, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Sustainability/Environmental Managers in:

  • MRFs handling Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), source separated recyclables, organics and C&D (Construction & Demolition) waste
  • Plastics, paper and metals recyclers, brokers and distributors

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